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Letter: Make sure to check candidates' views on issues

There are many issues to consider as we analyze what the executive branch in Washington is doing, and the candidates for Congress.

ObamaCare requires people to purchase health care insurance, but reduces care for the elderly. It also pushed our tax money for abortions.

Using our Social Security money for illegal immigrants doesn't do justice for our people.

Cap and Trade tax is bad because it takes energy sources which will hurt the poorest because we all need energy. Electing the correct members to Congress can stop the bad legislation.

Obama is making many appointments that give the appointee too much power. An example is Donald Berwick to be administrator of Medicare and Medicaid, which can restrict much aid for medical surgeries and care. There are hundreds of pages of government regulations not enacted by Congress, but created by presidential pronouncements. This may be legal, but it isn't good for the people and the country.

The New Start Bilateral arms control agreement makes us a sitting duck. Russia can build new weapons, but the United States is supposed to reduce ours. By signing this, Obama would lower our defenses. We need at least 34 senators to vote against this treaty which will take away American rights for freedom and survival.

We need to check the candidates' stands on issues, and vote responsibly so we will be blessed with good election returns and a Congress that will benefit all people by keeping our Constitution as it was created. We need to live good, moral lives and ask God to bless America.

Frances Meduna, Manning