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Letter: This greed in the oil patch unacceptable

There is now going on in western North Dakota a practice that is causing hardship to many and shame to all of us. The practice I am referring to is that of greed. The people I am principally referring to are the landlords, those who are responsible for the hiking up of rent rates.

Many people have moved in to work in the oil patch, and many more are needed. Some are very well paid, some are not, but they all need a place to live. Greed has reared its ugly head in the midst of all this, and everyone is affected.

There are retired people on fixed incomes who have had to leave their hometowns and move elsewhere because their rent was raised so high they had no alternative. There are single mothers with children who have had to leave their homes and struggle to find other places to live. There are men who, with their families, moved to North Dakota to work in the oil patch. Some have had to move their families to their former home area because their rent was raised so high. These are enough examples to show what is going on.

It is my hope and prayer that there is a person or a group of people who will step forward, do what is right, reduce their rents to reasonable rates and begin to remove the shame of greed from our area.

Sylvia Lillibridge, Belfield