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Letter: Let's keep a good thing going

Congratulations to the voters of North Dakota and the voters across the nation. You sent a message loud and clear that we need to take a different direction. Liberal politicians, 680 of them, lost their jobs on Nov. 2.

We need to return to the principles set forth by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution. We threw a big monkey wrench into the gears of the most corrupt and defiable administration in the history of this great nation. Everything they have done so far has been for themselves. Not one thing have they done is for the benefit of those that elected them. Especially Obama's health care.

Now that we have elected all of these people, our job has just begun. We now need to hold the feet of those we elected to the fire and make them deliver what they promised.

There are moderate Republicans who are talking about compromise with the Obama administration. There cannot, and must not be, any compromise with this regime. To compromise is to surrender to Obama ideals which these newly elected Republicans promised to oppose. It's called government for the people by the people. For the last two years we have had government at and against the people. Not one Democrat ever tried to compromise with President Bush.

Worse yet, we need to stand behind our congressmen with a baseball bat as they enter the lame duck session of congress. Those congressmen that lost the election have nothing to lose and may ram the rest of Obama's agenda through by the end of the year

People, we now have a good thing going, but we need to keep it going. We must not let up, or this historic election will have been for nothing.

Ralph Muecke, Gladstone