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Letter: Let's keep open minds about alternative energy

I noticed a new ad campaign on TV here about oil and gas extraction via the fracking method.

It starts by saying that " Of course there are always risks involved with drilling," then goes on with a drawing of how the drilling is always below the water table and they show an impermeable barrier between where the drilling takes place and the water table.

Any person with any kind of commonsense can tell you it's impossible to know for sure where things are in relation to where you are drilling -- like they have some kind of X-ray vision of a cross section of the Earth for thousands of feet down. How stupid do they think we are?

I would just encourage all of us to keep an open mind and willing spirit open to alternative forms of energy.

Fossil fuels are primitive and extremely messy at best.

Darrel Johannes, Beaverton, Ore. (worked, lived in the Dickinson area in the fall)