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Letter: Ashamed to be from North Dakota

I want to comment on the articles in The Dickinson Press the last couple of days. I grew up south of Dickinson on a farm. We are appalled at how rents have gone sky high, so darn unreasonable and how opportunistic the landlords and real estate companies are! We are ashamed to say we are from there. How can you sleep at night raising rents $150 and more? My mom is paying more than we are in high-priced Washington State.

We used to be proud to be from North Dakota -- hardworking, honest people came from North Dakota. Now, because of the oil boom, landlords, real estate companies and the city are taking advantage of people.

You read about how North Dakota is trying to draw people. How do you expect people to pay for their help, for food banks, utilities? Especially to elderly on fixed incomes. How can you live with yourself?

Someone should audit City Hall and see what are they benefiting from this. This has to stop. Taking advantage of the boom is unreasonable.

People out here read North Dakota newspapers. Where I worked there were many employees from Dickinson and North Dakota. Good Lord! And so many of you all claim to be religious. You expect to be forgiven of gouging the citizens. If I could get my mom out of the area I would. And to think we were thinking of retiring soon and buying a home in the area -- not any more. We love our home state, but now we are ashamed.

We have been landlords for over 25 years. Never did we raise rents more than $20. You would expect that sort of thing in big cities, but in a small town and the economy is bad, how horrible.

And don't tell me the rents were raised because of higher taxes or water rates. That's a crock. You are greedy.

You want tourism, keep it up, they will drive by. We will let everyone know how you are hurting the families and elderly. Remember one thing -- we are not the only ones appalled. We heard comments from others. You want people to stay there, I think you better look at yourselves and fix the problem.

You are no better than the corrupt governments in other states or countries. There is no excuse for raping the citizens.

Linda and Lee Ness, Auburn, Wash.