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Letter: 'They' at Postal Service need to keep possible influx in mind

We had a meeting at the Golva School about the post office Wednesday with two people from the U.S. post office. They had no answers for anyone except write letters to your post office with the letter they are sending you! Many people asked who "they" are and she did not know.

But they will take comments and put them in a file to be handled and have copies for anyone to see at the post office however long it stays open. She showed a picture of outside boxes that mail may be put in! Ya right -- in rain, sleet and snow and wind. I can just see letters flying out of the boxes out here. I drew a picture of this and someone is going to have it printed in the Beach newspaper. (That's another thing only first class mail would be delivered. Will we have to go to Beach to pick that up, also?)

When asked how much money it takes to keep Golva Post Office open, they said $27,500 per year.

People asked, "Well, what is credited to Golva? Is the postage meters the businesses use credited, too?" Golva, no. The post office has been telling people to buy stamps over the Internet.

Is that credited to Golva? No. It is 13 miles to Beach. That will be 26 miles to pick up anything they do not put in the little boxes.

We have about 12 businesses in Golva. Now they tell us all that money just went to the U.S. Postal Service and they (there is that word again) took our credit.

Well, did they take under consideration that this area also may see one heck of an influx of oil business and people? As we (and the banker) are hearing, there could be up to 200 oil and gas wells in the near future. Just look at Belfield and Dickinson.

The situation with the Postal Service is hard to believe, but I think it is inevitable. Our changing world/life and the many changes that we have to look forward to because of the technology world we live in. Not all of it is good.

So Bob, if you talk to anyone like in the government, we all would be very appreciative of it.

Mike Berger, Golva