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Letter: Makes sense to build diesel refinery in North Dakota

It seems as though everybody is for the Keystone XL Pipeline. What I can't understand is why ship oil by pipeline to a Texas refinery and then haul two grades of diesel back and two grades of gas to Canada and North Dakota where it started from to start with?

Why not build a diesel fuel refinery in North Dakota with all the farming and ranching in Canada, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota, plus trucking in the oilfield? By truck is the only way to move the products out of the states. Plus, there are trucks hauling produce, like apples and fruit from the West Coast to the East Coast.

With a diesel fuel refinery in North Dakota it would leave the other refineries here to increase their gas production and maybe that would bring the price of gas down because it wouldn't have to be shipped or hauled from Texas to North Dakota and Canada.

I'm sure if Canada and North Dakota would get together to build a refinery there would be several individuals or companies willing to buy shares as that is something that will be a long-term investment and a sure thing.

In one of President Obama's speeches he said the United States has to keep the manufacturing in the United States.

A refinery would create several immediate jobs and also permanent jobs after it was completed. Refine the oil here and ship the fuel out makes more sense. It don't take much smarts to figure that out.

If the pipeline was built and the refinery broke down, the pipeline would be full of oil and North Dakota and Canada would have to shut their oil wells down until it got repaired.

There are many investors interested in hotels, motels and apartment buildings in this area, including Williston, Stanley and many other towns. A refinery is here forever whether the oil drilling keeps on or moves out it is still in business making money for the investors.

When Tioga was going strong with the oil drilling and when the rigs moved out everything slowed down.

As an example, the Bunkhouse Motel was a crew camp in Watford City and moved to Medora and they turned it into a motel in 1980. So that's an example of what could happen to all these new hotels and motels, only they can't be moved out but will set empty.

Vaughn Doerr, Lodgepole, S.D.