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Letter: Social Services destroys families, violates constitutional rights

Regarding the North Dakota Farm Bureau lobbying because Social Services is completely out of control: lobbying for an agency to be a watchdog over them is not the answer.

Government should never have the right to kidnap children or to pay some foster person to raise the kidnapped children. The outcry of parents across the U.S. needs to be heeded: Get rid of the child welfare division.

The SS is literally buying and selling children. How much more illegal can it get?

The SS has completely destroyed families, violated constitutional rights, violated laws, corrupted justice, turned classrooms into free-for-alls, violated parents' rights, harassed parents who take children for medical care, and developed the most disrespectful generation of children in our country. Rebellious teenagers have been programmed to threaten their parents with calling the SS.

As you read this, children are being abducted and severely abused by the SS. There is no way to describe the torment and raging trauma that children and parents are suffering right this minute, as the SS rips them apart from each other and executes their torturous, lawless process upon each one of them. It is exactly the horror that parents and children suffered when Hitler's SS grabbed their children and drug them off.

Children who are abused are not being helped. But parents who have jobs, who raise law-abiding, respectful children, and especially Christians, are victims of SS abductions. The SS steals money from their paychecks and Social Security, and lines their own pockets.

The fuel for Social Services to abduct children is slander and malice by any person exacting revenge against another, or a rebellious teenager defying his parents. No evidence is required. And no justice follows the abductions. Evidence that proves children were not abused is thrown out by corruption in the court room. The SS functions lawlessly. And children become victims of severe abuse by the SS.

We need to eliminate the SS child welfare division completely. When there is concrete evidence of abuse, local law enforcement can take the child to a relative. Teenagers rebelling against their parents should not have some government agency help them rebel. And if fostering is needed for lack of relatives, fostering should be voluntary.

The horror of abduction equivalent to Hitler is an atrocity that should be unthinkable in this country. Yet it is here. The SS in our own country. We must eliminate this horrendous organization.

Nikki McAlpin, Grassy Butte