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Letter: Eliminate Social Services' child welfare division

Was it a merry Christmas, happy holidays or home with the family at your house last week?

Nikki McAlpin's letter to the editor (Dec. 9) regarding Social Services' abduction of children raised the above question.

We've all experienced holidays without family present, but we've been able to write, send gifts or visit them via telephone. This is not the case with abducted children. Family contact might thwart SS's master plan of brainwashing children to believe their parents don't care.

They go months with no physical contact with parents, family friends, and no verbal or written connection.

What damage is this doing to the mind of a vulnerable child or teenager? It has to be detrimental!

Everything they've ever known or loved is ripped from them instantly. They have to feel unloved, abandoned and helpless. This is removing the heart and soul from the child and parents alike.

Our forefathers writing the Constitution gave us freedom of religion. Where is "One nation under God" and "liberty and justice for all" in the cases of these children Social Services abducts?

Whatever happened to past generations and our Christian biblical beliefs of child-raising, such as, "Children obey your parents in the Lord," "Honor your father and mother," "Train up a child in the way he should go," and "Do not withhold discipline from a child?"

They would still work, but SS and others subvert this foundation.

As a parent and grandparent, 47-year 4-H leader and former teacher, I've seen this eroding of respect for anyone in authority from too many of today's youth. Couldn't this be prevented by removing the fear parents face of SS involvement for reasonable discipline?

Did you receive holiday greetings from the county treasurer's office? How many tax dollars go to county coffers of human services (SS) to abduct children?

Don't we need to stand up and become involved, not complacent, in getting our freedoms back and making this country once again, "for and by the people?" As government grows, our freedoms shrink.

This is an election year; become engaged. Look at incumbents' records, make your vote count and get our country back tot he people!

Support abolishing the SS child welfare division by writing to the North Dakota Farm Bureau P.O. Box 2064, Fargo, ND 58107.

Gwen Roffler, Grassy Butte