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Letter: Time to bring government back to the people

In response to "Dalrymple opts out" article.

Gov. Jack Dalrymple's comment that he is "seeking an endorsement by a specific group of delegates" exemplifies his political agenda that is obviously government for more government.

Why is Dalrymple opposed to "Government by the people, for the people?" His own words and his refusal to accept the tea party invitation, tell us that Dalrymple cares nothing about the people of North Dakota, nor does he believe he should answer to the people of North Dakota. He seeks only his political entourage to serve his political goals.

Haven't we had enough of this type of politics? Isn't it time we bring government back to the people?

Paul Sorum's position of accountability to the people of North Dakota is the type of government we need.

Let's show up at the GOP Committee meeting where Dalrymple plans to have "his"' delegates keep him in position, and stand up as delegates for Sorum instead.

The Dickinson Press advertised the District 37 GOP meeting is to be held on Tuesday, Jan. 17 at 6 p.m. at the Elks Lodge.

You can find your own District at and click "get involved with your own district."

This is our opportunity to make the changes we need in government. Attending a meeting just one night can make the difference of what happens to us for the next four years.

Shall we take back our state from the hands of politicians, and return it to the people? Let's do so by attending the GOP meeting in our own district and voting in Sorum as our new Republican candidate for governor.

Nikki McAlpin, Grassy Butte