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Letter: Difficult to make sense of tragedy; clarifications of DSU issues needed

The last several days has been the most difficult time of my life. Last Friday, Doug LaPlante, a loving and caring dad, grandpa, brother, uncle, educator, colleague and friend was taken from us. Doug was a great colleague of mine but a greater friend. It has been a struggle trying to make sense of his tragic death.

Then the first part of the week the media released a story that left me shocked and devastated. I would like to clear up some of the facts. First of all, my resignation as executive director of the Strom Center had absolutely nothing to do with the state audit that was released last Friday.

I resigned my position at DSU and the Strom Center to pursue a great career opportunity. I appreciate that The Dickinson Press did accurately report this in its headline in Wednesday's paper.

This story implicated me as being involved in the recruitment and admission of international students as well as having a hand in the issuing of fraudulent diplomas. I left the Office of Enrollment Services in January of 2009 to take over leadership of the Strom Center.

While serving as director of Enrollment Services, I had no direct involvement in the recruitment of international students and had absolutely no involvement in the auditing of degrees or the awarding of any diplomas.

The story also stated that I was interviewed by an internal auditor pertaining to these matters. I was never interviewed regarding international students, programs or diplomas.

I have always led a life that has been centered around integrity and sound moral character and would never do anything that I felt was illegal or unethical. I hope those that know me and have been personally or professionally associated with me over the last several years do not pass judgment based on what was in the media.

This experience has strengthened my faith, my family and my friendships and in the end will make me a stronger and better person.

Please know how much I appreciate all those who have come forward that last several days supporting me. Your sincere concern will never be forgotten.

Steve Glasser, Dickinson