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Letter: Dickinson needs recycling program

Hurrah for The Dickinson Press to help our citizens recycle newspapers!

As we fill and expand lots with housing, businesses and all the ancillary building, refuse increases and much of it can and should be recycled.

Recent studies show our landfills will need to be enlarged by years sooner than if more recycled material is kept out by addressing the issue upfront.

Perhaps it would be practical to supply each quadrant of our city with a recycling system for aluminum cans, glass, newspaper, cardboard and other recyclable material.

Waste feeding into our land disposal from area towns would also need to comply with our city regulations.

I hope the Dickinson planning committee is working on this, among their priorities and will submit a plan soon to the Dickinson City Commission.

Lois Hinrichs, Dickinson

Editor's note: The Dickinson Press paper recycling drive is 9 a.m. to noon today at The Press, 1815 First St. W.