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Letter: Solution out there for high gas prices in The Bakken area

Why does North Dakota have five ethanol plants and only one oil refinery for gasoline?

I'm sure all those ethanol plants got huge tax incentives and other perks from the feds and state so why can't the state with all the oil money give the same perks to someone (anyone) to build another refinery or two in North Dakota.

I read in Saturday's paper that gas in Minnesota is an average of $3.60 a gallon and the oil is coming from Canada and The Bakken and yet we pay at least $3.75 here in Dickinson no matter where you fill up.

That is 15 cents higher and the oil is right here in our part of the state. Do all these station owners get together to decide the price of a gallon of gas at their pumps?

Why can't our duly elected state representatives do something for this part of the state when we are being systematically run over by the greed of a minority to the detriment of the majority?

With all that oil money and state taxes on everything from phones to cable and everything in between, the least the state could do is eliminate the state tax on gasoline. They probably wouldn't even miss it.

Jeanne Corey, Dickinson