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Letter: Annoying telemarketer sends negative image of Dickinson

Doing a little Internet research on Dickinson, it looks like you have a great community, happy people and an area that would welcome visitors and growth.

You might not know that one of those annoying telemarketing companies is operating in your area (701-264-5034).

I, like many people, usually ignore the continual calls wanting to lower my credit card interest rates; however, now that they called at 7:01 a.m. which is just a little rude; I need to voice my displeasure.

If any of you folks know these people or have any influence in the community, could you ask this business to please confine its harassing calls to normal business hours? (I still won't answer the phone from numbers in your area but it would be nice to get them at reasonable hours). It's a shame your community is getting negative comments because of this.

Joe Shelton, Wheatland, Wyo.

* Editor's note: calls to the number confirm it is a marketing call from a commerical entity or its representative. There is an option to be removed from the call list.