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Letter: Many reasons to send Berg to US Senate

Let's see if I got this right. We have a president who has no value for the life of the unborn and plans to use our tax dollars to pay for abortions and even force Catholic hospitals to cooperate.

We have a Senate that Obama lobbied last week to make sure that enough democrats voted to stop Sen. John Hoeven's bill which would have opened the door to proceed with the Keystone Pipeline, in the area which would be a huge benefit in getting North Dakota oil to refineries and cutting down truck traffic in the Oil Patch.

Then we have Obama's energy secretary, Steven Chu, who, before he took his current job, said, "We have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe," that's $9 to $10 per gallon.

We have an Environmental Protection Agency that wants to go so far as to even penalize farmers for dust in the air and is looking at shutting down fracking of oil wells which would stop most of the drilling in North Dakota.

Then the Obama administration said it plans to cut health benefits for active duty and retired military personnel and their families while not touching the benefits enjoyed by unionized civilian defense workers.

Did you know that Obama's transportation department is working on requiring a commercial driver's licenses to operate farm equipment, tractors, etc.? That would cripple family farms as farm kids could not drive farm equipment until they were 21.

Then there are the 28 bills that Rep. Rick Berg and his colleagues in the U.S. House have passed that would promote job growth and limit government and the democrats in the U.S. Senate are sitting on them and will not bring them up for

a vote.

Now that should be enough reasons to send Berg to the Senate to get these bills moving and oversee some of these departments that have gone crazy. We need him to bring common sense and leadership to the Senate and to help Hoeven and others put a stop to big government regulation and out of control spending.

Jeff Miller, Rugby