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Letter: Change in ND tax structure needed

Let's walk through a "yes" to Measure 2.

Thousands of renters are moving in, using services currently funded by property tax. With Measure 2, they will have to pay their share for those services. Good!

Currently, out-of-state developers are given an incentive by our generous government, giving them no property taxes on their developments for more renters.

North Dakotan developers do have to pay property tax. Yet the Keep It Local North Dakota coalition keeps telling us we should keep paying property tax so out-of-staters don't get a break. Did you catch that little twist there?

But! Measure 2 saves us from footing the bill for these developments. With Measure 2, they pay for the services they use.

Your mortgage is paid. With Measure 2, celebrate! You now own your home. You don't have to pay the government a rental tax. And you can spend the money the government used to take. You can make home improvements and not get penalized for increasing its value.

And the money you spend on improvements or whatever you enjoy, just increased the sales tax revenue. No one had to raise the taxes.

If your Social Security decreases, at least now, because of Measure 2, you are secure in your home since you paid off your mortgage.

If other taxes should increase anyway, it's OK. You have your home. And you have the choice to spend less elsewhere. You would have no choice, though, if the government could still demand property taxes from you. Good thing you voted "yes" on Measure 2!

Let's see, once every 10 years or so a fire truck is needed, and a school is needed now. The legislation is required to give you the money for both the truck and the school; Measure 2 stipulated that. How nice. You don't have to lose your home to provide those services for all the renters. Plus, the government can no longer place conditions on how you spend the money. Measure 2 has given you local control for the first time.

Bonus! Social Service workers will no longer harass your family and children. The second highest levy on your property tax paid their wages. No need to replace that tax burden. Parents, raise your children the way you know how!

Keep your home; all people pay for services; defund Social Services; and have local control. Things sure are better with Measure 2.

Nikki McAlpin, Grassy Butte