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Letter: Vote 'yes' to ensure religious liberty

I feel that a "yes" vote is necessary on Measure 3 of the election, so as to ensure religious liberty.

As one of the most fundamental rights in the Constitution of the United States, religious liberty was the backbone of our founding father's considerations.

This is because many were oppressed by religious intolerance and restrictions where they had immigrated from. So, that was one of the main focuses of their initiatives when drafting and adopting the constitution.

Today, religious liberty is again in jeopardy. There is much religious intolerance. Religious and personal rights are becoming less defined and clear, but are becoming rather murky as ethical standards erode.

We need to once again ensure religious liberty and bulwark the constitutional rights and the intentions of the Constitution at every level of government. Otherwise this country will revert to the very same predicament of the religious intolerance our ancestors had left behind when they came to this country to start anew -- and public morale will suffer.

I feel that litigation is becoming more rampant and out of control only because individual and religious rights aren't clearly enough defined by our laws and constitutional measures. Because of this, the original intentions of constitutional wordings are being jaded and misrepresented.

We need a solid, fair and clear basis upon which to direct our laws and governing authorities. Otherwise, the courts get full of ambivalence and incongruity.

A "yes" vote, and the passing of this constitutional amendment, will help promote the process of ensuring religious liberty and tolerance for everyone. It would represent a step forward to restoring some firm and fundamental values and principles that are held as sacred to countless individuals, and are in the present state of affairs, in danger of being lost in the chaos of those who would want freedom divorced and devoid of personal and moral responsibility.

Please vote "yes" on Measure 3 and help the torch of religious liberty and tolerance continue to burn brightly in a country that was founded on an individual's "inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Craig Kappel, Dickinson