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Letter: Downtown Dickinson revival sawed away

Many years ago some great thinkers had a vision to revive the downtown area. A plan was devised and taxpayer dollars used to plant trees and install grates around these trees to protect them.

I have watched these trees grow from infancy to their present grandeur state. They fought the elements with a zest for life surviving the great snowstorm, freezing temperatures, hail and gale winds. Some lost the battle but those who survived flourished and enhanced the downtown area.

Now someone has chosen to inflict great physical harm to a beautiful American Linden tree on First Street East, witnessed firsthand by a concerned citizen who saw the crime and had the decency to take a stand and film the dastardly deed.

The damage left by the chain saw is sickening. The tree still stands at this time but the cuts are deep risking its chance of survival.

Apparently, it was in the way of the construction phase of a sidewalk in front of the old Elks Building. Did my tax dollars help fund this downtown tree project, and would I have the right to remove one or two if I chose?

I bet not! American State Bank was able to install pavers down the entire block working around the trees to create a beautiful walkway. A logical reason for cutting down perfectly healthy trees escapes me.

Again, some great thinkers have chosen to dedicate time and energy to revive the downtown area gathering folks together on Thursday nights.

How ironic that while some are building up, others are tearing down!

Aleta Hendricks, Dickinson