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Letter: Lessons learned in primary over Fighting Sioux

Why won't the Fighting Sioux supporters give up? Why didn't the allies give up in World Wars I and II, or the Union in the Civil War? We don't give in to evil forces. Why did the majority of North Dakotans just vote to teach their children to do that?

There are lessons to be learned in the June 12 primary election. The masses (about 85 percent) will follow their top leaders (about 5 percent). If the leadership is bad, the citizens will be primarily bad. If we don't like what's happening, we have to change the leadership or follow new leaders.

Power, money, greed and immediate temporary success won the day. Are these really the values we want to pass on to our children rather than the positive Fighting Sioux values of a warrior identity, honor, pride, courage, history, tradition, valor and fighting together -- forever, not just for four years of college.

The Sioux logo portrays a person. The new University of North Dakota non-logo presents a puzzle. Which inspires you more, a personal leader with a divine spirit, or a puzzle which is confusing and mind-boggling?

Marilyn Schoenberg, Hebron