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Letter: Developer shouldn't have to carry costs alone for Dickinson project

The Dickinson Press in its Sunday editorial regarding the Roers Development northwest of the Interstate 94 Exit 59 stated, "A development of this size did not need $400,000 of city funds to extend water and sewer, but that is behind us now." The estimated cost to bore under Interstate 94 to bring water and sewer north of Interstate 94 at Exit 59 was $800,000.

The issue in my opinion was not one of need, but of fairness. There is likely to be other property in this area developed by companies other than Roers. It would not be fair to require Roers to bear the entire cost to bore under Interstate 94 when others would also benefit from this project.

Roers agreed to pay $400,000 toward the boring cost. The city agreed in the interim to fund the remaining $400,000.

It is the city's intension to assess future developments in that area water and sewer hook-up fees sufficient to recoup the city's $400,000 investment. I believe at the current pace of development, the city will likely have its money back within the next 36 months.

Dennis W. Johnson, Dickinson City Commission president