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Letter: Rick Berg takes Republican Party line

In this Senate race, the choice is clear. A vote for Rick Berg is a vote for someone who will toe the Republican Party line, even when it's wrong for North Dakota. A vote for Heidi Heitkamp is a vote for a uniquely qualified voice who will speak for North Dakota, for farmers and for senior citizens.

Heidi supports solutions to health care that make sense for North Dakota, like the Frontier Amendment. She supports closing the donut hole in prescription drug benefits. In short, she would keep the good in the health care reform law and fix the parts that are less effective. Berg has voted repeatedly to throw away the entire law, even the good.

He's tried to mislead the public by running ads that say Heitkamp favors billions of dollars in cuts to Medicare, and he implies those cuts will harm seniors care. But the cuts aren't cuts to seniors at all, they are savings to the system made by reining in payments to private insurance companies.

It's wrong for Berg to suggest that Heitkamp is threatening seniors' Medicare, when he's the one who voted to harm it by repealing the healthcare law and supporting the Ryan budget, which would gut Medicare in favor of a voucher system.

Berg also has a history of voting the party line to harm American agriculture. As a farmer, I find his record on farm issues alarming. He twice voted for the Paul Ryan budget, which, over 10 years, would cut $180 billion from the Farm Bill.

It's obvious to me that Berg follows a party doctrine rather than considering the implications of North Dakota farmers and ranchers. Instead, he's voted for budgets that threaten to dismantle the Farm Bill and harm North Dakota's producers.

Heitkamp, on the other hand, consistently fights for North Dakota's interests. In January, Heitkamp sent a letter to Obama criticizing his decision to postpone the Keystone Pipeline. Heitkamp understands the importance of gaining independence from Middle Eastern oil, and knows the Keystone pipeline is a great way to create jobs in the United States.

She isn't afraid of stand up and fight for our state, putting our interests before party politics. The same can't be said of Berg.

Loren Myran, Taylor