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Letter: Rick Berg will make an excellent senator

Having served in the North Dakota House of Representatives with Rick Berg, I know that he will make a great senator. I was immensely impressed with his knowledge, work ethic and abilities! He diligently worked to understand all aspects of a bill, department, or program and then made informed decisions that were good for our state. I know he will bring those same attributes to the U.S. Senate.

Rick grew up on a farm in rural western North Dakota; he understands small businesses and family farms. He will bring to the Senate a conservative, fiscal voice radically different from his predecessor. I'm convinced that he will seek to repeal government regulations that are stifling our economy, that he will work tirelessly to repeal Obamacare and that he will strive for the passage of a balanced budget.

We need to stop the federal government's spending spree that will saddle our children, grandchildren and beyond with an insurmountable debt. Rick Berg is clearly the best choice to do that! His votes will have the best interests of the citizens of North Dakota and the United States as his primary goal!

David S. Rust, representative, District 2, Tioga