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Letter: Support Romney, Dalrymple, Cramer, Berg

The election will soon be here and some are still wondering how to vote. It is really quite simple.

The Democratic Party now supports abortion, gun control, gay marriage, increased regulations, expanded government control, less military, sharing your income, higher taxes, are against fossil fuels and the U.S. Senate has not passed a budget in four years. Why do Democrats talk about bipartisanship and compromise when they only want Republicans to switch to their vision?

The Republican Party supports pro-life, private enterprise, Constitutional rights, Christian values, less regulation, strong national security, energy policy, less taxes and the U.S. House passed a budget that the Senate won't review.

If a candidate, like Pam Gulleson and Heidi Heitkamp who have had over $3 million in ads, are independent thinkers, then why are they on the Democrat ticket? When candidates are elected, they will follow the party leader on key issues. In the North Dakota Legislature, the Democrats meet regularly and probably discuss how to vote whereas the Republicans rarely meet so their officials can vote according to the wishes of their constituency. It is similar in Washington.

Come say they vote for the person. However that person votes the party line so you better check to see if that party has your values. Splitting the ticket is splitting those values.

If you like things the way they are, vote Democrat. If not, vote Republican. Others won't have a chance. Some say they aren't into politics but if you pay taxes, you are involved so vote for one with your principles.

If you don't vote, quit your grumbling as you will be governed by those who do.

We seem to have a Pinocchio president with others following his lead. Therefore I support Romney, Dalrymple, Cramer and Berg because they share my values. What are yours?

Marlene Kouba, Regent