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Letter: Do not make knee-jerk reaction to emotional ads

I am writing this letter as a native North Dakota rancher, a husband, a father of a 2-year-old daughter and 4-year old daughter, an animal owner and someone who cares about the effects that Measure 5 will have on our great state if passed.

Here is why you need to vote no on Measure 5: Measure 5 only addresses cats, dogs and horses. Don't all animals have the right to be protected?

We need to support North Dakotans for Responsible Animal Care and let our senators and representatives know that this issue is extremely important and needs to be acted upon during our upcoming legislative session.

Let's do this right and not make a knee-jerk reaction to ads that are tugging at our heartstrings.

Measure 5 is being supported by out-of-state money. A friend of mine was contacted to take a phone poll on of Measure 5. When she asked the gentleman where he was calling from, he told her North Dakota. She asked what town he was calling from and he responded downtown.

Now I don't know about you, but I don't know of many North Dakota residents that would respond downtown.

This tells me they are not telling the truth about where their money is coming from and who the true supporters of this measure are.

Do you want to let a bunch of out-of-state money tell us what is good for North Dakota? I don't.

The bottom line with Measure 5 isn't about what it says, but about what it doesn't say. It is too vague and doesn't protect the animals that are starved, beaten, malnourished or abandoned along the road, unless they die from it.

As a rancher, I have cattle, horses, cats and a dog. My animals are always taken care of before I take care of myself.

As an animal lover, animal caretaker, a steward of the land and a father trying to ensure that my daughters have the opportunity to ranch someday, please help me support a no vote on Measure 5.

I hope that as a fellow animal lover, you will take the time to look at what NDRAC are doing for all of our animals in North Dakota. A no vote does not mean you support animal cruelty, it means you care about more than just cats, dogs and horses.

Donnie Feiring, Beach