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Letter: Shirley Meyer one of the good ones

Reading Shirley Meyer's final column as a state representative brought a wave of sadness. So many of us want to say "Thank you, Shirley" for all your work for us during the many years you served.

Meyer represented the heart of North Dakota -- ranchers and farmers. When an issue came up, she never asked what party you were in, or if you were in her voting district; she just took the issue in hand and defended the people of western North Dakota.

Both political parties have good people and bad people in offices. President Barack Obama and Gov. Jack Dalrymple exemplify the bad in their respective parties. But they do not represent the beliefs of all the people in either party.

Meyer is one of the good ones who lived her belief as a representative in government that she was working for the people.

We already miss you, as we face the ever-increasing power and corruption of Dalrymple and his cronies. We ranchers are already feeling the loss of a great advocate with integrity. We need more like you in our elected offices.

From this conservative Republican, I tip my hat to an upright Democrat. Thank you Shirley.

Nikki McAlpin, Grassy Butte