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Letter: Many in community pitch in for toy, food drive

For many years Consolidated has sponsored a toy and food drive. This year the generosity of so many in our community was absolutely unbelievable!

Let me share just a few of the many stories that reinforce the wonderful people we have living in our community!

An employee of Walmart brought in cases of diapers and baby supplies and said the store allows the employees a discount to do their holiday shopping. She used that discount to purchase much-needed baby items which we were able to donate to our shelter. A hauling company working in Dickinson, but actually out of Kalispell, Mont., gave us a check for $500!

With that we were able to purchase food cards and Elder Care bus cards and also donate 10 boxes of food to help the more than 50 shut-ins living in Dickinson that were delivered by staff from Social Services.

A local construction company brought in a huge quantity of toys and food again this year as they did last year.

We took 12 very large boxes of toys and baby items to the children at Head Start. We delivered little bicycles and two pickup loads of food and toys to the Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis center.

The Social Services offices in Bowman and Mott were able to get many boxes of food and toys for children in their towns as well as to foster children in their area.

Erickson's from Amidon filled the back of their vehicle to distribute to families in the Amidon area. Church groups from New England, Caring Hearts from Richardton, and Doris Urban from Belfield were all able to get many boxes of baby supplies, food and toys to help many families in their communities.

I could share many more examples but my hope is two-fold: first to thank the very generous people of southwestern North Dakota and then to make sure they know every single food item and toy were given to those that really need a bit of help.

Thank you and all of us at Consolidated wish you a healthy and happy 2013!

Rhonda Dukart, Consolidated public relations manager, Dickinson