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Letter: Thanks to those in Dickinson area who support less fortunate

As I sit here, I am thinking of the many wonderful people who made donations to The Dorcas Society this holiday season.

It is through this generosity that Dorcas is able to help less-fortunate families. It has made a huge impression in my life, as I witness this generosity and the impact it makes on the families we deliver to.

I am so thankful for the many faithful supporters of Dorcas who have sustained us throughout the years.

Trinity High School student body has consistently supported us through their golden mass, with pantry foods and gifts for the children.

Mike Kelly, who has donated punch cards for McDonald's food. Morton and Cheryl Krieg, who have donated the hams and turkeys, the Queen of Peace Angel Tree and the many others who have supported us through our fundraisers or have made other kinds of donations or have donated services.

One very pleasant, and unexpected, surprise we had this year, was the semi-trailer full of toys donated by Brian Hymel from Five Diamond Development and Wadsworth Brothers Construction.

Dorcas members were invited to come and handpick a toy for each of the 77 children we help. This was a wonderful experience, as these toys were amazing. Each toy was much more than we have been able to afford to give in past years.

It warmed my heart that Five Diamond Development and Wadsworth Brothers Construction would help our community in such a thoughtful way!

If you are one of the many people that made a donation to any of the organizations that help the less fortunate, thank you -- thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Juanita Koppinger, The Dorcas Society president, Dickinson