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Letter: Even with so many changes ND keeps happy spirit

I grew up in North Dakota and my mother still resides in Belfield where I visit on a regular basis.

As you know, many changes have come to this area. The oil activity has created prosperity, growth and low unemployment.

Along with that, it has also created problems, such as housing shortages, congestion and stress to the roads.

The things that have not changed, however, are the friendliness, kindness and values of the North Dakota people.

On my recent visit home to help Mom with some health issues, I encountered smiling, welcoming people everywhere I went. Men still hold doors open for women, younger people show respect to older people, medical staff are helpful and treat patients with dignity, neighbors help each other. People support one another at times of need and loss and also celebrate each other's happy milestones and good fortune.

As time of major change, you have maintained your core values. You band together to tackle your problems and do so with a happy spirit.

You should be proud of yourselves.

Pat Decker, Hillsboro, Ore.