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Letter: Politicians' 'solutions' may not be the answer

I came across a quote from an unknown author that said "Timothy McVeigh didn't use a gun." He killed 168 innocent people, 19 of which were children younger than age 6. He injured more than 680 innocent people and totally destroyed federal property.

But you can still buy fertilizer and racing fuel and rent box trucks.

This leads you to think about the situation at hand in Sandy Hook. The solutions aren't as easy as some politicians would have you believe -- example: governor of New York, mayor of New York, select senators and Congressman and members of the White House.

I'm old enough to recognize a cloud of smoke, a rush to judgment and a stampede for action.

In Chicago in 2012 there were 513 people killed by other people -- with guns in a state with some of the toughest gun laws in the nation.

Did we hear much about this (yawn) almost nothing -- maybe a three to four word comment from the media like "Trouble in Chicago."

It would seem to be more dangerous living in Chicago than anywhere in Afghanistan.

I take you back to Cain and Abel -- did the Lord outlaw rocks after the murder (and a lot of us feel he could have).

I rest my case!

Leon L. Mallberg, Dickinson