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Letters: Parents sacrifice to send children to Catholic Schools

Parents sacrifice for school

Catholic Schools are the best because my parents have to work and sacrifice to send me here.

At our school the staff and teachers work as hard as they can. The cooks make perfect lunches like hot ham and cheese!

The principal, Mrs. (Peggy) Mayer, is so dedicated and runs the school well.

The superintendent always wears the coolest ties! Our janitor is so nice and dedicated. Our uniforms save me a lot of time in the morning. The smaller classes make it more like a family. We have weekly mass that helps us to know the priests better and we get to praise God. When we have a mass one class gets to do a reading.

All the teachers are understanding and caring. Catholic education is the best.

Anna Kessel, Trinity Elementary West, Dickinson

Catholic Schools are fun

I really appreciate getting a Catholic education because my parents made that sacrifice.

The lunches are nutritious and delicious. Mrs. (Peggy) Mayer and Mr. (Kelly) Koppinger are awesome because they let us do fun activities. Our staff keeps us safe and happy.

Catholic Schools are fun because you get to meet lots of new friends. In religion, you get to learn about Jesus, God and all the saints. There are lots of fun games in gym too!

All of our teachers are very dedicated.

The benefactors are very kind and give us lots of fun things. I love going to Trinity Elementary West!

Rachel Heinen, Trinity Elementary West, Dickinson