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Letter: Presidential election lacking in honesty

The election is over and a new term begun. Mitt Romney was ahead on election morning. Just how honest was the election?

For years, Democrats fought for open voting requiring no identification and Obama won every state that didn't fully require it. There are 15 states with photo ID requirements and he lost in all of them.

The evidence of fraud is astounding. There are documented reports of 24 million invalid or inaccurate voter registrations, 1.8 million dead voters and 2.75 million registered to vote in more than one state. Massive fraud was reported in areas of Ohio and Florida where he received 100-158 percent of the votes, with similar cases in Pa., Wis. and Va. with all being investigated. The average registration is only 70 percent.

Clerks told voters how to vote more than once. A friend received a text on Election Day saying that if she likes her free phone then she better vote for Barack Obama. It seems certain computers reverted to a vote for Obama regardless of whom was selected.

Federal law requires that states mail absentee ballots to their servicemen 45 days before an election. Many were not delivered in time, lost or not counted.

The 1993 National Voter Registration Act (Motor Voter) requires government offices, usually motor vehicle and welfare agencies, to provide voter registration services. The law requires that voter rolls be maintained and actually prevent states from cleaning the rolls because they are required to attempt to contact voters multiple times before finally removing names.

Judges have refused to hear cases about Obama's eligibility even when a state mandates it, such as Florida where the cases never got to court.

Even without fraud, the Obama administration stole this election. They had a media monopoly, help from Hollywood, endless giveaways, dishonesty, illegal voters bussed to election sites, fake IDs, intimidation at the polls and suppressed damaging information throughout the years, Obama won with only a 3 percent margin. I think Obama won only because of systematic fraud, corruption and abuse.

Is Obama a Pinocchio president? Democrats tell a lie a day.

To me the media chose the candidates and the president four years ago just as they did this year by their publicity and deception. The system works only if we trust it. Yet, I still feel it is also God's plan.

A Republican voter and proud of it, Marlene Kouba, Regent