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Letters: Reasons to love Catholic schools

I love going to Dickinson Catholic Schools because they are the best!

I like them so much because I think the teachers are so nice. I love to learn and the teachers make it fun! I love our new playground too. That's why I love Dickinson Catholic Schools.

Paige Jarrett, Dickinson


I love going to Dickinson Catholic Schools because the teachers are so nice and really fun. The teachers teach you a lot! I also like going to Dickinson Catholic Schools because it's a Catholic school and we get to learn more and more about God! Another reason is because we get to go to church every day.

The priests are really nice. Also we have a really new and phenomenal playground! And that's how awesome my school is!

Alandra Andres, Dickinson


I like Dickinson Catholic Schools because we have Mass every day, and we get to be with God every school day.

We have Christmas concerts to celebrate Jesus' birthday in song. I like our school because we have Mardi Gras. I like them because they raise money for our school and are a lot of fun. These are some reasons why I like Dickinson Catholic Schools.

Colin Decker, Dickinson