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Letter: Fargo is wasting our state's tax dollars

You don't have to watch an old Western movie to see back-stabbing, claim-jumping, land-grabbing, back-shooting, bottom-of-the-deck dealing politicians stealing what they want.

Just watch the City of Fargo; they lost their bid to annex land from Horace and then West Fargo, so now they are going after 50,000 acres of prime farm land and the homes south of Fargo, so they build on land that floods.

Now, the local back-stabbing double dealers have ring dike going around not only the city of Oxbow, but Hickson and the Bakke Addition against our wishes. Fargo is buying out million-dollar homes in Fargo that flood but they will not buy our homes in Hickson and the Bakke Addition that do not flood until they put 10 feet of water over us.

Cass County and Fargo will use taxpayer money to bail out Oxbow's money-losing private country club, build a new clubhouse and swimming pool, new golf course holes, and provide expansion land to boot. It sounds like good ol' boy, bottom-of-the-deck dealing to get rid of the Oxbow/Hickson/Bakke thorn out of their political backsides.

Property owners in Hickson and the Bakke Addition have voted; we do not want a 10- to 15-foot ring dike around us that is supposed to magically restore our property values. That good-old North Dakota horse manure peddled by "our friends" the Diversion Authority. Buy us out if you want to steal our land.

It's the sodbuster farmers versus the big-money ranchers (Fargo) meeting at the Fargo Barb Wire Dam. Instead of a shootout, we will be paying lawyers to meet at high noon. Let's hope true North Dakota justice prevails because this is not the North Dakota I grew up in.

Mark Waltz and Doug Lingen,