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Warm: Everyone is to blame, not just Republicans or Democrats

Who's to blame? You, me, our fathers and mothers, and every other voting American over the last several decades.

The partisan politics we are observing in Congress today is the result of decades of Americans voting for career politicians -- whether they be Republican or Democrat -- rather than managers of a country.

We have Congressman serving well into their 90s. For what, I pray? Just to get their name immortalized on the wall of shame in the halls of Congress? But we put them there for decades. And these folks have gotten there how? By "getting along?"

In the meantime, all this "getting along" has gotten us seriously into debt -- deep debt as a country. We all own this debt -- all $17 trillion of it!

The career politicians do not own it, we -- the American taxpayer who voted these folks in own it.

Now there is this faction inside Congress called "terrorists," "anarchists," "extremist," etc. These folks were voted into Congress by Americans, just like Sens. Harry Reid and John Boehner and they somehow earn these monikers for being elected by other Americans to do a job?

Fortunately, these folks did not go to Congress to "get along." I doubt "career" Congressmen is in the job outlook for some of these folks (though it may take a career to straighten things out).

They were sent there to represent the will of the Americans who elected them -- and that is to help Congress make the tough decisions; to come to a reasonable, stay-within-our-means budget; to ensure we stick to the Constitution; and to help ensure "posterity" for a long time into the future -- not just to the end of the election cycle.

The Affordable Care Act may be law but it is bad policy, and it isn't the only one "we the people" have made over the last several decades.

I, as a furloughed federal worker and a voting American, am glad that there are some "terrorists" in Congress, like Rep. Kevin Cramer (Christopher Deery letter to the editor, Oct. 6, Page A6) with a long-term view of the dire straits that "we the people" have put us into.

Yes, Congress and the White House are failing the Constitution but whose fault is it?

Arden Warm,