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Letter: Johnson's letter on 'extortionist' Cramer dishonest

In response to Cameron Johnson's letter to the editor titled, "Cramer a dishonest extortionist": Cameron, you are the dishonest writer.

Obama and Democrats in the House and Senate have absolutely refused to negotiate in any way.

Their response has been pass the budget the way we want it or forget it. House Republicans have recently submitted at least four versions to the Senate for approval.

One version even included full funding for the government and Obamacare (Affordable Care Act), except the subsidies for some government workers and cutouts for big business need to be removed. The Democrat's lead senator would not even consider it.

Obamacare is going to be a disaster for this country. Other countries that have enacted similar health care laws are drowning in medical care costs and health care for the nations as a whole has been going backwards. Canada's federal government can't afford the costs so they just shoved off the requirements to the provinces. Now the provinces are struggling with the health care costs.

Harold Stroh,

Troutdale, Ore.