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Letter: Why even offer more time for alcohol sales?

In the article in The Dickinson Press on Wednesday, Oct. 2, relating to state and local laws dictating bar closing and liquor sales time, which were discussed at the Dickinson City Commission meeting, I agree with Capt. Dave Wilkie to keep the present state and local laws regarding these two issues.

These laws are relevant and not "antiquated" as suggested by Jon Godfread, vice president of government affairs for the Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce.

When a tainted food product, a legal product, sold caused the death of even one life, that food product is removed and destroyed to prevent further deaths.

Alcohol, a legal product, was responsible for 42 percent of all traffic fatalities in North Dakota in 2013, according to the North Dakota Highway Patrol, and should be treated the same as the tained food product.

Therefore, why is the question of offering more sales time for alcohol even being considered?

Cleo Kulish,