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Letter: Pipeline spill will affect everyone in Williston Basin

I don't believe anyone really knows how long it took for 20,000 barrels to be lost.

This section of pipe should be studied by an outside source. What Tesoro and others say should be backed up by proof.

This will affect everyone in the Williston Basin and more to some extent.

First, how long and often was the line pressure tested? What pressure do they normally use to pump oil? What was the safety margin? How old is the pipe? Where was it made? Was it a defective spot? Have other companies had trouble with this brand?

Anyone who works with liquid under pressure should know what could happen. If monitored in two or three different ways, it could have been prevented.

Everyone must take precautions and be responsible for what they're doing. One preventable mistake can hurt a lot of people and property.

Automatic shutoff censors -- both volume and pressure -- if placed on oil or gas lines in proper locations would have prevented or detected it very quickly.

I think flyovers are a waste of time and money and this proves it.

I hope there is some way these accidents can be prevented.

I hope people can work together, be responsible, admit to mistakes and think ahead for possible problems that could come up in the future.

Jim Huschka,