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Letter: Commend Cramer on Obamacare opposition

Rep. Kevin Cramer should be commended for his courage in standing against Obamacare and urged not to back down. The showdown using temporary government shutdown as a bargaining tool is worth doing as Obamacare itself will eventually shut down the government by plunging the U.S. much further into debt than the $14 trillion we now owe, not to mention the tentacles of federal regulation that would reach into every medical decision.

But the opposition is using his stand to make political hay.

In an email to Democrat Party members, Tom Bryant, field director of the North Dakota Democrat-NPL said: "On Monday, October 14th at noon there will be a rally against Kevin Cramer's reckless shutdown on the sidewalks next to the US Bank Plaza in Downtown Fargo. There will be a press release sent out about the event on Sunday and we will be expecting some of the local media to cover the event. ... Again, I urge you to invite activists in your area, now is the time to cement the image a negative image of Kevin Cramer in the minds of everyone in Fargo."

This is a good time to call or email Cramer with a word of support and thanks, and to let others know he's doing a good job on this issue.

Judy Stahl,

Valley City