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Kudos to the people of Griggs County

Hip, hip, hooray to the people of Griggs County! Recently they performed a real slam dunk. I’m referring to a recent recall election conducted in Griggs county where they bounced out all five of their county commissioners on their county seats for ignoring people having voted “NO” three times to not build a new county court house.

Why wasn’t this story in The Dickinson Press?

If the present courthouse is as bad as they say, the people would have voted “YES” the first time. This sounds like corrupt government that we have everywhere, where those the people elect become a ruling monarchy disregarding those that elected them to office.

I’m sure in Griggs County, like everywhere else, people are sick and tired of local school districts and county governments confiscating more and more in property taxes every year.

There needs to be a lot more recall elections. We need to start with “Barrabas” Obama.

Three-fourths of our state legislators should be recalled for trying to destroy our right of Initiative, Referral, & Recall put into our state constitution by our founding fathers to hold those we elect accountable when they turn a deaf ear to those that elected them. Also, because of the way they wasted the taxpayers money this last legislative session. Also, when other legislators think it’s OK to live somewhere else than the district they are supposed to represent, as well as other legislators who defend their actions.

The Republicans in North Dakota are very little better than the Democrats in Washington.

We need to recall those we elect to public office and keep recalling them until we get responsible people for responsible government.

Again kudos to the people of Griggs County.

Ralph Muecke,