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Area native helps deter artery blockage problems during checkup

I wanted to relay some information to you regarding my recent visit to Sanford Radiology at Sanford Health in Bismarck.

I was there for some radiology on my hip and I ran into a young lady working there from our neighborhood by the name of Hallie Gjermundson from Marshall.

Hallie immediately went to work on me to get a calcium score. She informed me that it would only cost $100 and it would give me a reading on my arteries on the plaque buildup and calcium deposits.

I decided to go ahead and do this procedure. Hallie then explained further about how the scoring works. She informed me that if my score was over 400, that I would get a letter from the doctor.

After I was done with the test and was getting my hip checked out, Hallie came and found me, telling me not to leave the hospital. She told me the doctor wanted to see me. My score ended up being 2,250. I was scheduled for a few more tests and ended up with an angiogram.

One of my main arteries ended up being 80 percent blocked. All of my other arteries showed 20 percent to 40 percent blockage. I was set up for the big one.

Thanks to Hallie Gjermundson, Sanford Helath and the calcium score machine, of which there are only 25 in the U.S., I’m doing great!

I urge everyone to call Sanford Health and get a calcium score and meet Hallie Gjermundson. I tell everyone she will take great care of them.

Alan Woodbury,