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Salt water doesn’t explode, harmful chemicals do

For the record, salt water does not explode. What exploded and blackened the sky over Alexander last Friday was not “salt water” but a volatile mixture of dangerous oil field gases and liquids. 

The media, along with the citizens of North Dakota, must stop using the words “salt water” or “brine” when referring to oil field waste water. These are terms carefully calculated by the oil industry to make a dangerous material sound harmless and benign. Oil field waste water is, in fact, a toxic and volatile mix of known cancer-causing agents and dangerous mutagens. The worst of these are benzene, formaldehyde, and Radium 226, known blood and bone-seeking carcinogens.

What occurred in Alexander had little to do with “salt water.” It was a horrific and deadly release of chemical toxins into the public air stream. Once airborne these dreadful agents were dispersed by prevailing winds to places all across our once beautiful state. Maybe even into your home.

Jerry DeMartin,