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Letter: Shame on retailers’ promotion of Veterans Day

I wholeheartedly agree with columnist Martin Schram, who had an editorial on Nov. 13 regarding sales on Veterans Day. I was in various stores in Dickinson that day and there were no signs or mention of it even being a national holiday or what it was for.

How many of you visited a cemetery or program in honor of our veterans? There was no school. Banks and post offices were closed, but stores had big sales on everything with expensive promotions!

Several stores had Christmas trees up before Halloween. On Veterans Day they were playing Christmas Carols, not patriotic songs which would have been more fitting.

I asked one clerk why such music and she said “company policy.” They can have all the policy they want but I’m not buying anything in any stores that want to rush the season, except basic essentials, until at least Dec. 1.

There is nothing I need before then that can’t wait. I buy Christmas gifts all year long, so they’re not enticing me with sales and specials even though they might be offering some good deals.

I even wonder if schools discussed the reason for the day off. Did they discuss any of the wars or have a military person speak in the school? Most likely not. They have time for pep rallies and practices but not much patriotic. This probably goes for other similar holidays, even Memorial Day and Labor Day.

There was a lot of publicity about Martin Luther King Jr. Day but nothing about any of our presidents, if they were even discussed. Stores do have sales for Washington and Lincoln but are strictly retail and not in remembrance.

Some people get these days off but they take trips and act as if they deserve the day rather than acknowledge the true purpose of it. We are still free in America but many are thinking more of themselves than those who fought and gave their lives to make us free. Shame on each of you! If you don’t know the significance of these days, do your children? They imitate you, your actions and beliefs.

Thanksgiving will soon be here. How many of you will really be giving thanks for what you have or are you looking towards Black Friday to be a big shopping day, which already starts on Thanksgiving Day!

Again, shame on you and the retailers, too!

Marlene Kouba,