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Letter: Biesiot a special person, role model for years to come

I’ve had a pretty successful 30-year coaching career here in Alaska and coach Hank Biesiot has been my role model for that entire time. I came back to Dickinson State University a few years ago to watch my daughter play in the marching band.

When coach Biesiot saw me (from 40 yards away) and after at least 15 years, he instantly recognized me and took 30 minutes to find what I’d been doing. This was immediately following a homecoming game. I’m sure he had things to do, but he took the time to have a real conversation with a former player.

DSU won’t truly realize for years what a special person they have taken for granted for so long; a man of character and a role model for hundreds of us who, in some small way, have followed in his footsteps.