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Letter: Stark County zoning board ignorance is frustrating

The ignorance on display Wednesday afternoon at the Stark County Planning and Zoning Board meeting was unfathomable.

If it would not have been for the sole board member Kurt Froelich and county planner Steve Josephson, the entire zoning committee would have lacked common sense. I would like to thank these two individuals for having common sense and the courage to care about us and their community.

It is clearly apparent that the other board members do not care about us or our county. Let me remind the board and the county commissioners that the rezoning of land is not a joke. It is a major commitment by the county and should not be taken lightly.

The vote by the zoning board indicated a complete lack of commitment and due diligence on part of the board members. Mark my words, this zoning decision will leave a long-lasting, negative legacy and, if not overturned, sets the precedent of what the entire stretch of land between Dickinson and Belfield will look like in the future.

This rezoning decision allows unlimited industrial use by anyone who owns or will own this land in the future. Mr. Josephson attempted to persuade the board to limit the types of development that could occur by requiring an agreement similar to a conditional use permit. However, it fell on deaf ears.

Comments made by one board member right before the vote indicated that she was entirely unaware that rezoning land without some sort of limitations gives the landowners unlimited industrial use of this land. This is just one example demonstrating that the majority of the Planning and Zoning Board are not aware of the consequences of rezoning and what a serious mistake they made Wednesday afternoon.

Until recently, I had respect for our county government. However, it is now apparent that money, greed, corruption and indifference run Stark County, and for that I am appalled.

If I may borrow a quote from the movie Fargo, “There’s more to life than a little money, you know.” Don’t you know that?