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Letter: Property tax solutions are simple with logic

We don’t need a task force to “fix” property tax.

The solutions are really very simple if you use some logic.

-- Reduce all property assessments to what they were in the year 2000. Yearly assessments may not exceed 2 percent or cost of living, whichever is less. If one property in the community is increased, all properties are increased the same percentage.

-- Each time a tax incentive is given to special interest people, all assessments should be reduced 10 percent and locked for five years, the same amount of time the tax incentive is given. If two incentives are given, property assessments should be reduced 20 percent, etc. — 10 percent for each assessment. That way, all individuals receive the same benefit.

-- At age 60, the property owner should be subject to paying only city and county property tax. Exempt from all the “additionals.”

-- At age 70, the property owner should be exempt from all property tax. By then, his/her fair share has been paid.

Lloyd A. Nelson,

Valley City