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Letter: Thanks to all who supported UnityND

UnityND would like to say thank you and express our deep appreciation to all those who braved the frigid temperatures to attend the Benefit Dinner on Dec. 7 at United Tribes Technical College.

The benefit was a great success and we couldn’t be happier with how the evening transpired ... good food, great conversation and, most importantly, the wonderful people who came together to support their neighbors. The event had presentations by Standing Rock Reservation citizen Chase Iron Eyes and members of UnityND, and featured a special video message from former North Dakota Gov. Ed Schafer. Besides the food, the evening also featured many door prizes from sponsors across the state.

The event stands as an important statement about the values of community, tolerance and support for our neighbors.

UnityND is a completely volunteer-run organization and is composed of friends from around the region and across the globe operating with a belief that direct action and strong opposition are needed to combat those who seek to spread injustice, hatred, and divisiveness. We strive to protect our communities and neighbors with all resources available until our mission is achieved. In addition, the group holds dearly the values of patriotism, community and citizenship as ideals that everyone should strive towards.

While we do not directly support or align with any individual’s efforts in the state, we will stand with our neighbors and offer assistance as they work to make their communities stronger. We will continue to work with the city of Leith to ensure that they are supported.

UnityND will continue to strive for inclusion and community building across North Dakota, and will work with our fellow citizens and neighbors to fulfill our potential and make North Dakota the best possible place to live.

For more information about the group, I invite you to visit

Scott P. Garman,

Fargo, UnityND