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Letter: ND’s Republican-led government assuming too much power

More power is being handed over to the executive branch while the legislative branch is becoming more partisan. Sound familiar? Well it’s not just happening in Washington. It’s also happening in Bismarck.

We know the Republicans have mega-majorities in the Legislature. Many people don’t know that we have interim Legislature that meets between our biannual legislative sessions since the 1970s. It used to work well because it was to be led by both parties. The Republicans have ended that tradition.

Many North Dakotans don’t know that the Legislature has given more power to the governor. Why do you think the state’s oil regulator, Lynn Helms, has the power he does? No one elected him.

No one elected all the governor’s task forces. Gov. Dalrymple’s chief of staff’s son and his press secretary’s husband are on the property tax task force, proving it’s who you know.

Thanks to a Forum News Service story on Nov. 10, we know that state government spending is skyrocketing. It’s up 300 percent since 2001. Money is pouring into more than 75 state agencies. Why does a state with a little less than 700,000 people need 75 state agencies?

The Republicans have been in charge of the governor’s office and the Legislature during this entire time. So much for less spending and small government.

My point is that people should be just as focused on what’s happening in Bismarck as they are at what goes on in Washington. You’ll see it’s not all roses.

Kelly Gellner,