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Letter: State needs to elect more qualified Democrats

Why does the state need a task force to look into fixing property taxes? Isn’t this what we elect legislators to do? What did the legislature do in the last session? Did they fix anything?

They didn’t. That’s why Gov. Jack Dalrymple has appointed a property tax task force. He’s wrong though. We don’t elect task forces to fix problems. We elect legislators to do this. If the legislators won’t do it, then we need to vote them out of office and send new people with new ideas into the Legislature to get the job done.

This past year has convinced me it’s time for a change. I’m not alone. I have friends in the western part of the state who always vote Republican but are fed up with the way things are going. I’ve driven on their roads. They’re bad. I’ve seen the flaring gas, burning off over 30 percent of our state’s nonrenewable resources and dirtying the air. Even the Senate’s top Republican now admits he dropped the ball on western needs.

I have women in my family who are fed up with the Legislature’s fixation on passing laws that puts state government in the exam room with them and their doctors.

The Republicans control everything in North Dakota. They’ve let this power go to their head. It’s time to curb their power by electing more qualified Democrats to the Legislature and state office. It’s time to bring back checks and balances to Bismarck. It’s time to have a true democracy with two parties.

Barry Nelson,