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Letter: Disagreeing with Streyle’s view of ‘special places’

I have a very different viewpoint than that of Rep. Roscoe Streyle and apparently a different set of values.

Low unemployment and budget surpluses are not the only factors to consider in deciding how well a state is run. Also important is a clean, safe state to live in, or at least feeling that state leaders are striving for a balance between prosperity and a good quality of life for the residents.

He worries about the possibility of Lake Sakakawea being designated a “special place” and having a no-drilling buffer, but there are already many wells very near to the lake with the horizontal legs drilled under it, as the map on the Department of Mineral Resources website shows. While he wonders what would make it special, I would say the historical significance of the Lewis and Clark expedition, recreation, tourism and natural beauty.

An obvious difference between oil sites and his examples of grain bins and wind turbines is the level of toxicity of what may be encountered there. His opinion of oil wells being beautiful is certainly not shared by the people that have told me that they no longer want to look out of certain windows in their homes.

He wants to let the free market capitalist system work and also to continue drilling faster than even now. Does that make sense in regard to the laws of supply and demand?

As for all the new regulations, read them to the end and you will see that there is usually a way out by appealing to the North Dakota Industrial Commission.

I believe the vocal minority he refers to is speaking for the local majority who want development that is safety first, not reactive to the latest mishap.

In thinking about the current chaos, I do agree with his question, “When is enough enough?”

Dorothy Ventsch,

New Town