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Letter: Grinsteinner’s milestone not just about winning basketball games

There is something special about the Dickinson Trinity basketball program and it’s not just the number of victories the boys basketball coach has amassed over the last 20 years.

Four-hundred high school victories is an amazing number. It’s a number that ranks with the best and brightest coaches the state of North Dakota has ever seen.

I’ll suggest, however, that the win total of Gregg Grinsteinner is simply part of the story. What coach Grinsteinner teaches his athletes goes beyond the basketball court.

He teaches them intangibles that make them better people. Those intangibles often translate into measurable victories on the court, but the off-the-court impact he makes is arguably greater than any victory total.

Blue-collar effort, sacrifice, applying yourself and giving maximum effort are words that have echoed off the Trinity gymnasium walls for the past 20 years. Grinsteinner’s skill is his ability to consistently and successfully convince impressionable young men, who are bombarded by SportsCenter highlights, that success is bounded by hard work and believing in yourself.

This 400-win milestone is a chance for all of us, regardless of school affiliation, to take a step back and learn from a man who lives those values himself. A man who sacrifices his personal time and gives his best to the young athletes under his care. Congratulations, coach Grinsteinner, and thank you for being “that coach” — the one that makes a difference in a young athletes life who will remember the lessons you’ve taught for a long time after their basketball career is over.

Todd Lefor,